Sunday, August 16, 2009

The day I became a Motorolan

It was one of those busy college days (it was 14th Aug'2001) when the campus placement was in full swing. The result for ST Microelectronics' written test was just out and as I could not make it, I was just thinking of what next. One of my friend (it was Kusumita for whoever knows her)suddenly came running to inform me that Motorola would be coming to our campus day after tommorrow(16th Aug'2001) and she seemed to be very excited. But my reaction was expectedly indifferent as I used to consider Motorola to fall under that elite category, where I can't belong!!

Before that, I had failed in 6 consecutive interviews, had tried every possible combination to perfect my attire, with tie, without tie, full sleeve, half sleeve and all sort of technical preparation,too, but nothing seemed to be working. Today I took the approach of nothing more to loose,nothing worse could happen.So, on the morning of 16th August,2001, I went to the college hoping that it is better to be rejected as early as possible so that I can come back home and prepare for the next MNC coming. I was wearing a half sleeve shirt, a trouser which I had alredy worn before, unlike a new one taken from the almirah which I used to do for my previous interviews, there was no tie, I even did not shave on that morning!! And as if this was not enough, I appeared for the CS written test where I am from ETCE background and I had applied for ETCE tests in all my previous attemtps. The test was over and I was eagerly waiting to know who among my friends got through as I had no hope about myself.

After couple of hours or so, the results for the test was out. Kusumita came all smiling as she cracked it. I went towards the notice board and I must admit there was a little hope (without any reason)at the furthest corner in my heart.After all, miracles do happen!!

And miracle did happen. I found my name at the end of the list, I thought may be I was better in CS than in ETCE and was cursing myself for wasting my 4 years studying ETCE. Then I was just browsing towards the top of the list to find out who all made it and suddenly, to my utter shock(I will surely not call that a surprise) I discovered that I was being listed in the ETCE list, where as I appeared for CS test. All my smiles evaporated immidiately, as I was more than sure this was a mistake. I came out from there, sat alone under a tree and was going through numerous thouhts as what I should do now, should I tell them that they have done a mistake or should I just keep silent and let them find out.

After a lot of brain storming within myself, I convinced myself to let the truth prevail. I went to them, informed everything and expressed my opinion that there might be a mistake somewhere. Here came another surprise, a bigger one when they told me that it was not a mistake. Thanks to my hard work during my school and college days, because of the excellent academic record I have, they thought of giving me a second chance to see whether I can prove my potential to be a Motorolan. The rest is history. After several round of interviews ( one round extra for me as I had to start from scratch to prove myself in ETCE) the final results were out around 11pm and I had made it. What was impossible for me just 2 days back, is now a reality. If ever I had any doubt about the existance of GOD, it was gone for ever that day. I dont know and I will never know why almighty chose me, but according to the religious belief, I might have done some good work in the past and this is the prize I got.

From that day onwards till the very last day of my tenure in Motorola, whenever I was down, whenever the thought came to my mind of leaving Motorola, whenever something was not working for me in Motorola, I used to remind myself of 16th August,2001 and tell myself that may be, may be GOD chose Motorola for me and if it is not working for me, it is my fault and no one's else. That gave me motivation to go forward, to work harder and made me feel I belong to this place, I work with those elite group of people, which I had thought I could never belong to.


  1. dada, very good blog ...

  2. tui kobe theke blog likhchish ???
    darun likhechish to !!!

  3. Very well written....your post makes ones belief more in god n in destiny!!!

  4. This post reminds me of Rab Ne Banadi Jodi :)

  5. Hi Mustaf,

    Nice Blog....

    Hmmmm i agree with you...

    God choses them for us, its we who have to mange things from then...

    whatver happens, its to our credit :)

  6. Dear Bhaia,
    Good write-up! I always believe in my destiny! Starting from my getting service, tieing nuptial knot with Poly and losing my mother and younger brother as a result of two unprecedented pre-matured deaths! You have rightly mentioned that you got a dream job as you might have done some good to others. I also agree to that. A good, helpful person is always liked by others including the almighty Allah! Not everything for our dids will be paid after the Incarnation period! There our ultimate result of good-dids and misdids will be unfurled! But here also He gives us small rewards for our good works. So do good to others and keep getting rewards! Take care.


  7. THAT made you believe in the existence of God ?!! And not on your ability and the beautiful concept of probability and chance ?

    When it comes to faith, rationalizations seem useless. And it will be so, if you do not have the courage to question everything.

    The fact that things happen, and they seem miraculous is just another event of chance. WHY the need to attribute it to someone ?

    Will surely recommend a book by Richard Dawkins called The God Delusion to you, if you already have not read it.

  8. It brought a smile on my lips. God is great, isn't he? :)

  9. Honesty and hard work always pays you back and I appreciate that you never have seemed to forget 16th aug 2001.:)

  10. hey dude..first time at ur blog....
    n i m going to follow it...
    it is so nice, u knw u reminded me my period...

    anyways, the emotions...u knw the every word is expressing its own emotion..

    wonderfully written...


  11. @Praveen & Manish,

    Thank you.Please do keep visiting :-)


    Ami just kayek din holo lekha suru karechi, bhablum likhe dekhi kemon lage, tor bhalo legeche jene khushi holum, dhanyabad.

    English translation for others I just started blogging few days back, just thought of let's see how it goes. I am happy that you liked it & Thank you


    Yes, I do agree with you. If not to any one else, but this has certainly strengthened my belief in GOD.


    Your comment is a testimony of the sense of humor you have, that was bang on!!


    Your comments are so true. GOD only decides certain things for us, whatever be the reason, but it is finally up to us, how we want to carry from there on.


    You are just echoing my sentiment :-)

  12. @Hirok,

    I love your comments!! It pushes me further to think, thanks for that.

    When things happen beyond our knowledge and which we can't seem to explain with logic, we attribute it something else, you call it probability and chance and I call it GOD. Neither of this entity can outdo each other with proven facts. The uncertainty about probability is that it is "probable" and not definte.

    I never had doubt about my own capability, even I admitted that it was because of my hard work that they thought of giving me a second chance. But no one else before gave me a second chance when I failed in 6 consecutive interviews. At that very moment, when they were considering my test result, something must have triggered them to consider my hard work and good academic record in spite of my poor performance. What caused that trigger, neither you know, nor do I know and even mostly they themselves don't know. You call that unknown probability/chance and I attribute it to GOD.

    Where is the conflict then?

    @Destiny's child,

    I am glad that my writing has made you smile. I wish to keep continuing the good work:-)


    Yes, I will never forget that day in my life. Each and every incident on that day since the morning till late evening is still vivid in my mind as if it happened just yesterday. Honesty and hard work always pay, but some time we need a bit of destiny/luck/chance or the existence of GOD, whatever way you want to see it.

  13. I loved reading this! Although you had already said that you were selected, you kept the reader hooked :)

    Destiny and God supported you and you too worked hard, Congratulations and my best wishes to you Mustaf :)

  14. darun blog!!! i enjoyed this post a lot. As they say, 'try try try again and finally you will succeed," and so you did, in great fashion!!!

  15. Hey you are a bong? Great!Don't want any accusation of regionalism coming my way so sticking to English. Loved your post...but don't you think more than our belief in God, it is our belief in ourselves that make us succeed? I know some non-believers who are doing quite well.
    Bhishon bhalo laglo pore, keep writing.

  16. @indianhomemaker,

    Thanks for the appreciation.

    @Sucharita Sarkar,

    Thanks. Yes at one time, I was even tried of trying again :-( but finally I made it :-)


    Yes, I am a Bengali to the core i.e. begun bhaja, ilish mach are my top favourites :-)

    But you know, nothing against you but I don't like that "bong", I first heard it when I came out of Bengal for my job and I was like ujtter shocked!! Such a cute name called Bengali and what a terribly sounded alternative BONG!!Anyway, just thought of sharing it :-)

    Now coming to your comment, I actually went through my post once more after reading your comment and I think I did not contradict what you are saying. It is hard word,dedication, talent and self belief that leads to success, but some time even after trying everything, success seems to be still bit away from us & that's when may be people like me expect some one else to make somthing else to happen. That "some one else" is GOD to me. And I never said you always need GOD for your success, so it's natural there are not only few but lot of people who are successful without believing in GOD.

  17. @Pallav,

    Hey, I am really sorry that I forgot to respond you :-(

    Yeah, I know everyone goes through variety of experience be it funny, be it heart breaking or that ultimate taste of victory,so I thought of my one, which was unique in itself.

    Thanks for the appreciation, do keep visit again :-)

  18. Thanks very much for adding my blog on your Indiblogger network, I will definitely try to do the same to your very very interesting and straight-from-the-heart blog.

  19. Bong sounded a bit weird when I heard it the first time but it is now quite acceptable to me. Like saying 'gujju' or 'punj' or 'mallu'. Theres no offence meant and none should be taken. All the communities in India have been given these names and I think all of us have moved away from all these tags and have realised that ultimately we are all one, and thats 'Indian'. Theres no short form for that!
    Still if you feel bad about it, will refer to you as a Bengali from now on! Cheers.

  20. @Aparna,

    Don't worry , maine dil pe nehi liya :-). I think i shd have said "I prefer to be called a Bengali over Bong" rather than saying "I don't like bong". And the feeling I shared was arnd 7-8 yrs back,so I have become matured now :-)

    And yes, I know no one tries to make a fun of me or humiliate me by calling Bong, so you can call me whatever way you like :-)

  21. May be beyond my domain!!! but I thought ST Microelectronics is considered elite than Motorols!! I may be wrong ..forgive my ignorance ....

    In between..I am a regular reader of your blog just posting for the first time though...
    ami jantam tui sab samay i different than any one ..keep it up

  22. lovely post....hard work does pay man!

  23. @Sayantan,

    Thanks for a regular visitor of my blog and thanks for leaving your mark,too :-)

    You are right, ST Micro may be considered better than Motorola, but in those days, I hardly heard about ST micro(forgive my ignorance), but Moto was a household name, large in terms of employee strength and I guess Moto was #2 then. So, for me Moto was a little up there :)


    Yeah, hard work pays, I agree but kabhi kabhi sayad thoda bahut luck bhi chahiye hota hain :)

  24. Amiable fill someone in on and this post helped me alot in my college assignement. Gratefulness you for your information.


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