Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Food Review: Blue Fox Kondapur (Hyderabad)

I went to this place for a team lunch from the office for the buffet. The overall ambience was impressive. Though Blue Fox is a known chain in Hyderabad, but did not hear any feedback earlier, so went without much expectation.

The starter was not very impressive, one Fish Kebab & one Chicken Kebab. On the veg side they had Potato Fry, Crispy Vegetable. The fish was the best of all the items, the crispy veg was good enough. Finding just a potato fry as starter was least expected.

On the main course for non-veg, it had Schezwan Prawn, it was so hard & elastic that could not cut into pieces with all force of knife & fork, and while eating could easily felt the half-cooked prawns inside my mouth. The Butter Chicken was below average, same was Coriander Chicken, and a simple Egg Curry, nothing worth mentioning. Did not feel like trying the biryani but later heard from team mates that it, too was horrible. On veg side, it had Paneer, Mixed Veg Curry and traditional curd rice etc.

Desert had fruit custard. I have never tasted custard so dull & sticky. Then there was couple of dry fruit cakes that you normally get with Britannia cakes, one sweet item & Khurbani ka meetha, sabu dana payes & pure vanilla ice cream. Overall an ultimate thumbs down.

Service was pathetic to say the least, had to wait for 10 mins to get our first roti basket, hardly 4-5 people waiters/service managers were on the floor and many a times noticed that none of them were visible.

With 450/- around per person, there are many many better options around the same locality.

Food: 3/5
Service: 2/5
VFM: 3/5

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